About Us

Stargell's Apiaries is a small business owned and operated by Matthew & Brandy Stargell out of Varina, Virginia.

We started beekeeping as a hobby many years ago and grew into a business in 2015. We have migrated up and down the east coast pollinating crops such as berries, Apples, and vine crops.

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The honey is absolutely delicious! I could just eat spoonfuls of it plain ;) But it's also great in my tea. Shipping took a little longer than expected so they threw in an extra free jar of honey! I will be ditching my grocery store honey and supporting this local business from now on :)

Jasmine Leigh

You two are awesome and I appreciate your help and input as well. Keep up the great work!

Royall D Farm

Delicious local Honey! Highly recommend!

Brandy McCauley